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Are Three Dead Israelis More Important Than Other Murdered Teens?

July 1, 2014


Why is the Jewish community so impacted by the kidnapping and murder of three young Jewish Israeli men? What about all of the other children who are kidnapped or killed? Why are these boys more important to the Jewish community?  The answer is strikingly simple: these boys are ours–a global community of Jews and Israelis. […]

A Very Basic Primer on Jewish Kids (not) in Public Schools…

September 14, 2009


(This is a follow up to a previous post about Jewish Day Schools–the post right above this one.  I figured that readers may not be familiar with all of the issues Jewish families face with public schools.  So…here you go.) Jewish kids are often a minority in a classroom, school, and district.  It can be […]

Dear iTunes: Jews just don’t believe in Jesus that way.

August 24, 2009


Not being able to fall asleep tonight, I decided to load something onto my iPod and went indirectly to the Judaism section (right after downloading Car Talk) of iTunes. I was very surprised to see near the top of the Featured “Judaism” podcasts, titles including “Messianic Shabbat: Torah teacher Mark McLellan” and “Messianic Jewish Teaching: Beth […]

1853 – Jewish Cemetery from Gold Rush

July 12, 2009


Years ago, Robert “Bob” Levinson wrote a book about Jews in the California Gold Rush.  Bob Levinson was, among other things, the Cantor of Congregation Beth David in Saratoga CA, until a car crash ended his life.  Bob was about 40.  We created an AZA chapter in his memory.  We also took an interest in […]