A Grand Hyatt Opportunity

Posted on September 6, 2009


The ground breaking of a large research and development complex called Advanced Technologies Park is about to begin right on or near Ben-Gurion University (BGU). The  development will cover 41 acres and more than four million square feet of “technology space.” The first of twenty three buildings is set to start construction in the very near future.

BGU and Advanced Technologh Park

BGU and Advanced Technologh Park

BGU has a reputation as one of the leading institutions in a country that is clearly turning out graduates capable of creating and building industry. It is also located in the middle of what was basically flipping nowhere.  It is now, however, connected to other parts of Israel via the high speed rail.  In the long list of places to fight over, the Negev isn’t usually high up on the list.  I’m sure that will change one day as Israel makes the desert bloom…

Combine the high tech and modern university with a politically mild atmosphere, and it would seem like an ideal opportunity for business. I imagine that as Israel expands and invests in the Negev,  more and more opportunities will arise, which means more people, which means more industry, which means more opportunity. It also means that the hotel that is planned for this development is going to be in a relatively great location.  Did I mention the huge IDF telecommunications and R+D center also being built adjacent to the University?

Seems like a great opportunity for a hotel company to set up shop.  Can anyone think of a hotel company owned (historically and primarily) by a Jewish family that has no current presence in Israel?  There is that little company called Hyatt that comes to mind.

I’ll grant you that building a hotel in Be’er Sheva isn’t as sexy as building one on the beach in Eliat or Tel Aviv. But here’s hoping that Hyatt might look to the future, as Israel has done, and build their next hotel along side BGU.  That one of the world’s leading developers is overseeing the building of this massive project is no guarantee of success, but it’s a pretty good indicator.

It seems odd that Hyatt would be absent from Israel but has built and operates hotel properties in places such as Saudi Arabia, Dubai, the UAE, Oman, Qatar, Jordan…..  So Hyatt, don’t pass up a Grand opportunity.  This may just be a Hyatt Place kind of place.