Oh…it’s starting again

Posted on June 18, 2007


So I’m getting ready for my trip to Israel.  This time with my wife and kids coming along.  It’s the first trip for the kids, and the second for my wife.  As our departure date nears, friends have begun asking the same question they always do prior to an Israel excursion.  What they don’t realize is that simply by asking the question they are reinforcing a myth.  By reinforcing the myth, they are spreading FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) and that FUD is always more toxic than truth.

The question, of course, is something to the effect of “are you sure it is safe to be going to Israel NOW?” 

My typical response is generally an emphatic “yes!”  My internal voice, full of bravado reflective of a secret longing to have been “there” and to have taken a role in the formation of our small state, says “and if it’s not, then oh well. I’ll help fight the next fight.” Yeah.  Sure.

At first the questions freaked me out.  What if they were right?  Was it dangerous to be heading to Israel at an unstable time?  Was it fair to my young kids who were remaining at home?  But after returning a few times with all fingers and toes intact, I’m not about to fall for their FUD again.

What you probably already know, is that FUD may be the greatest factor keeping Jews who have the choice from selecting Israel as not simply a theoretical homeland, but a place to live.   Who among us who have roboticly muttered “next year in Jerusalem” have packed our bags and made it so?  And no, I don’t mean for a holiday or an extended vacation.  Or to study…sorry.  Doesn’t count. 

I want to learn more, dig down and figure out what is really going on.  What is the future?  Who will lead it.  Is there anything I can do other than cheer from the sidelines and help my friends keep Jewlicious festivals a fixture for youth in Long Beach and beyond?   I’m hoping on this trip I will have a chance to dig down beneath the veneer of tourism.  Plug me in CK.  Help me.  I’ve seen the sights and heard the history before.  And while I want my kids to hear it for the first time, and I want to be there with them as their pride in their ancestral homeland grows, I’m ready to learn more too.

T-4 days and counting. 

p.s. If you are one of my friends who has offered to pray for our safety…feel free to do so.  Really.  Othewise Instant Karma might play an unintended role.  Now that would suck.

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