My Part Revisited

Posted on May 22, 2007


So I tuned out for a while.  Not that I’m not interested in all things jewlicious.  I am.  But life came knocking and I needed time to respond.  Last post I must have been knee deep in hunting for a new Rabbi for Temple Beth Shalom here in Long Beach. 

I think my greatest fear during the search was that we would find a rabbi who would be like most other rabbis and status quo would be the word of the next half decade.  But I won.  Victory dance was great and rewarding.  The rabbi coming to town understands what it means to build community.   For the last couple of years he has spent his time bringing Shabbat to the people.  Sounds so jargonistic, but that’s what he did.  Realizing that Chabad’s model works, but that Chabad ain’t gonna cut it for everyone, Rabbi Dov took the next logical step.  Instead of bringing people to the rabbi (and by extension, the shul) Rabbi Dov took Shabbat to people’s homes.  There was a catch.  If Rabbi Dov was going to spend Shabbat in your home, you better make sure he had a good crowd.  The deal was, you bring in unaffiliated people and he’ll teach you how to make Shabbat.  It worked in Seattle, and now he’s bringing his outreach and 20 years of pulpit work to Long Beach.  I think we’re the better for it.  Check out www.panimhadashot to read about Rabbi Dov.

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