Federation is looking for young Jews

Posted on March 26, 2007


Ok all of you young Jews out there.  Let us know where you are.  Cause it seems as if you are missing.  I just spent a day with the local Jewish Federation leadership.  They are really trying to find a way to raise more funds to do the great work of the Federation on a global basis.  But if you are “young” the odds are that you either don’t know anything about the Federation or don’t care about the Federation.  Why is that?

 It’s kind of ironic that two weeks after 450 of you young Jews rolled into Long Beach for Jewlicious 3 many in our community seem to have forgotten you were here.  When they say that there is some big mystery about how to find young Jews, I can’t  help but scratch my head and wonder.  The Jewlicious team and Rabbi Yonah and Rachel seem to know your address!

 I’m a bit curious.  I also heard that Jewlicious is too Jewish and that you don’t want to attend events, festivals, services, Shabbat dinners or anything else that is…well…Jewish.  The word on the street is that you are either Orthodox or you are scared of what our traditions offer.  Now that thinking confuses me even more.  Doing a bit of basic math…  Jewlicious@thebeach had 100 attendees.  Jewlicious 2 had 250.  And Jewlicious 3 had around 450.  In two years we increased attendance about 400%.   

From my estimates, at least 70% of you at Jewlicious 3 were not from traditional observant families.  And yet, despite your “obvious” fear of anything overtly Jewish, you somehow managed to find your way to Long Beach, park  your sleeping bag on a floor, eat Kosher food for something like 48 hours straight, attend a Shabbat meal and possibly a service or two…and have told us that you plan to come back again.  Please tell me…how can this be? 

So…all of you wandering Jewish youth…the future leaders of the Jewish community…maybe you should let your local Jewish Federation know how to find you.  They miss you.  Really they do. 

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